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We consider the customer as the focus of our business and serving them is our highest goals.
Our principle is integrity, in terms of providing full information, guidance and orientation.
We are committed to our promises and principles, which require us to accompany clients while achieving their desires and success of their projects.
We bear the responsibility in the development of community as a service for public interest and a payback to our country.
We take care of quality, as a key pillar that would spin the business of our institution.

We consider respect the basis of our business, since respecting ourselves leads us to the respect of our customers, competitors and society.
Our belonging to this country push us to the feeling of responsibility, that is placed upon us, to its development and service.

we encourage creativity and innovation, we support continuous training and self-learning for our employees within the institution or institutions with which we are dealing.

We are committed to integrity and transparency , and we support equal opportunities and fair competition with our competitors in this area or between investors coming of the Kingdom.

we support developmental programs and projects undertaken by the state or non-governmental sectors, in order to serve the interests of all residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.