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Tourism investment

Although tourism is an emerging sector in Saudi Arabia, this latter can be considered one of the strongest global countries at the level of attracting tourists if we take religious tourism into consideration, where millions of pilgrims come to the kingdom every year, as their number is expected to reach until 2020, after expansion works and reforms, to six million pilgrims and more than twenty million bluebonnets throughout the year.
The tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a promising sector by all standards, especially with the tireless efforts done by the state in order to achieve integration and stimulate the right conditions for the advancement of it, which cannot be achieved without the integration of public and private sectors, and the increase in investment opportunities and diversify communication mechanisms between actors in the sector.

We, at the National Investment House, record our interventions in this sector in terms of support, guidance and counseling, financing, through the organization of exhibitions and forums, and highlighting the real qualifications of the Kingdom in the field of tourism investment, and then linking financial institutions supporting tourism projects within the country.