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Economic consulting

The interest in the field of finance and business of consultancy increases day after day, because of their importance to the success of economic projects, investment activities, and the role in the development of institutions and the obtaining of real opportunities for investment. These kinds of economic elements are useful in effective planning and methodologies management, and it contributes directly to the increase of productivity concerning industrial enterprises, and the expansion of the customers’ base in terms of companies and institutions services.

We ,at the National Investment House, insure to provide all the economic consultations and all related management consulting. These kinds of activities are considered at the heart of our concerns and the focus of our activities and services, in which we work on providing all consulting services related to the market , its ability to absorb the products ,and the nature of competitiveness condition. we also provide technical studies on the methods of production and the quality of the equipment ,and identify the most viable locations for direct investment activities, in addition to offering guidance concerning the financial, organizational and administrative aspects in order to achieve the highest levels of success in the projects.