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The Message Of the Chair Man

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
On my behalf, and on behalf of all the members of the Board of Directors and the employees of the National Investment House, I offer the highest chairManappreciation and respect for all Gulf, Arab and foreign investors and owners of capital; and I welcome you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,your second home, as investors and contributors to the huge project of development experienced by the Kingdom through the National investment House, the leading entity in the development of economic projects in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has always been and still a land of prosperity and wealth, and a cradle of development and the achievement of success, as God Almighty have endowed it with natural characteristics, strategic qualifications and wise leadership. It has been able to invest all of these features to transform this country to a stronger economy in the Middle East and North Africa, and moving it steadily towards achieving record levels at the global level in the field of development.
We, at the National Investment House, consider ourselves a fundamental part of the economic boom experienced by the kingdom. Our role is centered on providing all the guarantees , the best services and consulting for investors so as to be a real attraction, which stimulates businessmen to invest their capitals in profitable projects, and contribute to the strengthening of the national economy and development of the business sector .

We have developed our website to be a gateway for communication between us and you, and a basic document that provides you with preliminary data on investment in the Kingdom. We also provide you in this site with a range of means of communication through which we aim to answer all your questions and inquiries as we consider our success as yours, and our goals meet yours. You have all our support for the development of your investments in the Kingdom.

Mohammed Al Horthy: Chairman of the Board of Directors
National Investment House