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Foreign investment licenses

We work on facilitating and accelerating licenses specific to foreign investment in Saudi Arabia with a full commitment to the laws. The Kingdom, since years, began to issue new implementing regulations intended to promote foreign investment by giving many advantages and guarantees comparable to that enjoyed by national investments, and this is what allows capital owners to put their money in a number of projects and investment activities, provided the adherence to standards and specifications set forth in the regulations, in addition to the necessity of the non-mentioning of such activities in the regulations excluded from foreign investment.

We, at the National Investment House, are working to provide all facilities to the client to get investment licenses as soon as possible as we are aware of the details of the laws and dealings of the General Investment Authority, and we have a great knowledge of the quality of the accepted and rejected applications, which make our client in front of a powerful opportunities to get licensed and start his project. We are also working on new licenses for investor’s practitioners of activities within the Kingdom, and who are interested in new licenses for launching new projects or different from the original ones.