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Strategic objectives

We have drawn, in the National Investment House, a group of near and long-term objectives, in concert with the vision, mission and values, and in line with the overall objectives of foreign investment operations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have settled all the plans so that our business will be the way to achieve them, and this is what made us satisfied with our results. Our goals are realistic and achievable, and they are highlighted as follows:

To achieve the concept of total quality in all the services offered by the institution.
the permanent development of our services to suit the emerging needs of our customers.
To reach leadership at the national level in the field of investment services.
To increase the level of internal performance of the organization and improve communication between the various departments and mechanisms at all levels.
To continuously train the institution’ employees through training courses, and to encourage self-learning.
to accompany the pace of technological development and the use of modern methods.
to create a strong network of public relationships with all shareholders in the economic activity in the Kingdom.
To create bridges between Saudi businessmen and women and their counterparts outside the Kingdom.
To contribute to the development and improvement of the economic climate in the Kingdom and enhance the confidence of investors.
The Permanent engagement in the efforts of the State to provide the institutional frames of the laws organizing investment
To achieve meaningful returns according to acceptable and viable rates of evolution.
to provide sufficient guarantees to achieve a balance between the returns achieved compared to the risks.