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The company foundation

Saudi Arabia encourages the establishment of companies, especially for young people holding diplomas. In this regard, It has depended on a simplified legal system that accelerates the consult of activities, the state’s support, the private sector, economic animators so as to the creating a real economic dynamism which helps to achieve an economic development pursued by the wise leadership.

Kingdom relies on a legal system that poses several forms of companies relying mainly on the number of contributor, the size of capital, the company’s responsibility, and laws and regulations governing the sector. This has given four examples of companies within the Kingdom which are: companies with a limited liability, and solidarity companies, limited recommendation companies, in addition to the contributing companies. This diversity has created a great mobility in the Saudi economy, and gave the opportunity for patriot investors, young or old, to start their projects and engage in the wheel of development in the country.

Through our experience in this field and the long experience of our employees, we are working to inform the investors with all laws and procedures pertaining to the process of establishing a company, we are also working on the issuance of all licenses, with informing the client by the details of the operations and actions taken, and our goal in that is their focus only on their projects and stay away from administrative matters.