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Real Estate Investing

Saudi Arabia has taken an important step by taking audacious decisions to allow foreigners to invest real estate. The aim of these decisions is stimulating fair competition between actors in this area. Saudi market knows a quantum leap in the field of real estate investment, and development will increase in the future, because raw land availability and the opened way for contractors to contribute to the extension of the real estate market in the Kingdom.

We are trying, at the Investment House, to offer our services, especially the consulting ones, for investors, and provide them with all the data on the best sites for investment and incentives and risks surrounding these activities, and we are working on linking investors in real estate to financing institutions and logistics companies for the purpose of providing all the necessities to consult business.

We bet heavily on real estate investment as a growth pole in the developing and developed countries alike, and this is what motivates us to redouble our efforts to provide world-class services to our customers who want to put their money into this vital area .we want to prove to touch in real estate projects currently and prospectively.