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Privacy policy

We seek through this page to confirm our commitments with the Saudi privacy laws, and respecting the organization controls access to the Internet as it is internationally recognized.
This policy highlights shows the actions that we take to protect your personal information and methods of use, and point out that use of this site is a tacit approval of this policy, and the disapproval of what is contained in this page requires not register on the site or deal with the institution.
The information we collect from customers and visitors:
The information that gathered from you in two different ways:
● Personal information:
Containing various personal data such as name, age, sex, address, phone numbers and any other information related to the process of life to you, and we collect this information from you when you register on the site or submit your request to management.
● Non-personal information:
We can collect and store some of your own data, and often relate to the number of pages that you visit within the site and timing of the visit and the duration of stay in each page, on the other hand we can get the other data related to the country you are calling him and provider of your own Internet, in addition to the browser and the type of device that you use to enter the site, and for this purpose we use the electronic files called cookies.
Privacy policy updates:
Enterprise has the full right to change part of this policy, or the whole, is committed to the deployment of these updates dates on this page, or through e-mails on your e-customers.