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Investor Making

National Investment House with its futuristic vision and interesting in Saudi investors has found this program (investor industry.(

To develop the administrative performance of the business men and women in Saudi Arabia, according to the latest systems, international standards, studies and researches in the modern world through the specialized establishment in the field of investment economic cycles, so the investor becomes with knowledge and full awareness of the project management and have a race to succeed and provides a successful added value to the Saudi Arabia’s economy.

It is known that the developed countries have pursued a scientific approach in human element training in order to make him the owner of a long-term look at the investment field and that was a major cause of progress and due to brief us on this method from here we have followed this idea in the National Investment House and we have set up a working group to find appropriate solutions in order to benefit the Saudi investor in accordance with the latest international standards set by the makers of the international economy and came up to us the results that he must work on a program based on the training and development of management capacity of the Saudi investor to be able to manage his project professionalism, skill and avoids investment risks as much as possible.

And therefore we did not waste any time and we have launched a careful consideration program (investor industry)

This program is divided into two parts:

This section consists of three stages (Local Business) 1st Section:

The first stage :

The establishment of business from the beginning as this stage has several steps as follows:

  1. Business name and brand Selection.
  2. Commercial registration and official papers extraction.
  3. Brand identity building.
  4. Website design.
  5. Business enterprise publications design.
  6. Training courses establishment in how to manage the facility.
  7. Searching for a suitable product, with a comprehensive study.
  8. Saudi trade delegation visit arrangement to a long relationship friendly countries for exchanging ideas and interests.

The second phase :

Based on the foundation development and upgrading to middle level and this stage requires:

  1. restructuring the business (administrative building).
  2. Marketing plans development, including promotional plan.
  3. Providing needed papers to a bank for financing loan.
  4. Alliance signing with one of the Arab or foreign companies.
  5. Making a plan to develop the facility.
  6. Trade delegation visit to the Arab countries.

The third phase: This is the last stage for the investor in this section as it aims to expand trade established activity in the local, regional and global market by upgrading the foundation to a limited liability company, one of the transfer of the product and manufactured in Saudi Arabia and the acquisition of market experience through marketing research carried out to study the supply, demand and the gap between them and the wishes and needs of consumers and work to meet them and satisfy them and also on the marketing and administrative problems and working to solve them and avoid them in the future.

This section includes the (International Business) 2nd Section:

Sensitize senior businessmen and women who have aspirations to invest outside the KSA through intensive training courses provided by their experts and academics on a high level of proficiency in how to take advantage of the available investment opportunities in some countries of the world and turn them into successful projects and make them an example for those who want to enter the field of scientific investment level manner systematically avoiding the bulk of the investment risk, as well as working on the transfer of advanced technology and resettled in our beloved country and the exchange of goods and services, as well as experiences and cultures between the countries of the world and Saudi Arabia, and this confirms to us the importance of this component of the investor industry program training courses, which were for investors as light that lit the way for them and made them avoid falling into the slopes of failure because the training is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop at age or specific expertise, everyone is always in need to illuminates the way for him and inform him of all that is new and evolving around the world.