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Investment Opportunities

There is optimism in the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia with the launch of Vision 2030, the figures brought by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, encouraging and unsatisfactory, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have the largest fund global investment worth 2 trillion and a half trillion us dollars, which is means 10 percent of the global investment capacity, and 9 percent of global property, and 50 percent of them will be directed to investments in the Kingdom.

These encouraging figures will translate into practical actions benefit the internal market of the kingdom, and the diversity of investment opportunities for businessmen at home and abroad alike, the percentage of private sector participation in the economy will rise to 60 percent, and many government sectors will be privatized, and that the contribution of small enterprises the medium will increase in the future, in addition to the State’s intention to adopt policies that lead to higher household spending on culture and entertainment to 6 percent.

The role of the National Investment House highlighted by introducing the real inside Saudi Arabia investment opportunities, institution keep pace with all developments defined by the Kingdom, and follows up with the administrative authorities responsible financial sectors methods and ways of translating the aspirations of the country to investment opportunities, to present them to their customers in the form of a real and profitable investment opportunities.

National Investment House takes advantage of the extensive network and strong relationships to get the best opportunities, and present them to customers in proportion to the physical and technical abilities, giving all consultations and studies on them, it is also working to create all conditions for the full success of these investments.