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Investment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s economy has achieved a quantum leap over the past decades and was able to turn into one of the best economies in the region, this country have the wealth of plentiful oil and the location of strategic human energies are enormous, in addition to the wise leadership has been able to these factors turned into real investment opportunities benefiting business from within and outside the country.

Saudi Arabia has over the years contributed to the positive steps to encourage foreign investment within its territory, lowered taxes on investors, and facilitated their access to credit, and amended laws to allow freedom of the overall ownership of investment activities, in addition to simplifying access to investment licenses.

The Saudi economy has all the qualifications major economies of the world to compete, always working to improve the level of its capabilities to meet the challenges and crises, and from this perspective inaugurated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s vision for the year 2030, which included the general lines of the policy of the Kingdom in achieve its development goals in the future.

The Vision 2030 came to liberate the national economy from dependence on oil resources, relying in turn on the efficient and able to achieve economic prosperity and dissemination of vitality in the community and socio-economic plans, focused on foreign investment as a key pillar for development, and this is what will make the Kingdom raise foreign direct investment ratio to 5.7 percent, and this will be a real incentive for Arab and foreign investors to rush to the Kingdom as a real chance for success.