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When you think of a successful and profitable investment, Quite sure you are thinking about Saudi Arabia, and when you think of the easiest and most secure to invest in this country should have to think about the National Investment House, the best choice for all investors who wish to achieve success within the kingdom.

In the National Investment House we provides many of the services and facilities related to direct investment into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the intervention of our services in the framework of the positive and effective contribution which we aim to expand the activity bodies, institutions and individuals wishing to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our investment institution made us possess extensive experience within the Saudi market, which our people to know all the legal and technical measures to facilitate investment operations in the Kingdom, and reflected our role in the preparation and organization of complete files compatible with the organization of the investment regulations sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with all consulting that will increase the value of investment applications and increase the chances of approval and acceptance.

Your investment with the National Investment House Foundation gives you a greater chance to access the best and easiest investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and makes you start your work in complete safety, we are working to provide full legal safeguards for the rights, depending on the investment contracts for a reliable and fully from the legal point of view, we are dealing with months attorney’s offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.