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Industrial investment

We offer all consulting and the preparation of various studies relating to industrial investment, benefiting from a range of motivating laws issued by the kingdom in this area. We at the same time work to prepare documents sufficient to obtain the necessary licenses for the conduct of any industrial activity within the Kingdom.

As a regard of the strength of industrial activities, and the urgent needs of resources of all kinds, the National Investment House is working on providing commercial and financial loans, especially from Saudi Bank for Industrial Development. We also link the customer with the major industrial cities to take advantage of all the features of the program of “Industrial Development cities” programmed within the framework of the state’s strategic policies, through which it supports economic projects.

The National Investment House believes in the importance of industrial investment projects in the Kingdom. It is working hard to provide all conditions for investors in order to put their money in this vital sector and contribute to this fertile area, which is expected to flourish further over the coming years.