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Import and Export

Saudi Arabia is the second largest Arab country in terms of space. It also possesses beaches stretching for thousands of kilometers in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and many commercial and industrial ports are distributed around which are associated with a strong network of connecting roads between them and all the regions of the Kingdom. It is also geographically linked with strategic area that allows it to connect with more than one billion consumers between Asia, the Persian Gulf and North Africa region.

These data have made Saudi Arabia in an ideal position to be one of the best world-countries for the practice of foreign trade, and building economic relations with a range of countries around the world, taking advantage of its natural relations with various global economic blocs as the largest oil exporter in the world, and its emergence as an economic power in the export of petrochemical products and manufacturers materials.

Therefore, capital holders will find themselves in front of a unique investment opportunity that offers the largest for-profit and commercial boom opportunities. Our role, at the National Investment House, is demonstrated in providing the necessary commercial funds to consult the commercial operations, legal consultations and crisis studies for the success of export and import projects.