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Health investment

Although Saudi Arabia is classified as a country supporting the health sector through the provision of free services for residents in the Kingdom, this does not prevent the growth and spread of the private sector in this area, which is today considered as a key partner for the state in the management of health sector. The clinics increased dramatically, and sanatoriums spread widely, and the sector is still in constant evolution, taking advantage of a range of facilities provided by the state.

We are aware of the urgent need in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the progressive abandon of this vital sector for the private sector, and open the way for investors at home and abroad to create an honest competitive atmosphere which would increase the value of services for residents and expatriates in the kingdom.

Our role ,as a supportive investment institution, is reflected in the provision of data relating to the health sector within the Kingdom, such as the capacity of all health institutions, the shortfall percentages, and the provision of data on diseases that are most prevalent, according to all of the regions … In addition to providing investors with all legal frameworks and regulations for the management of this sector within the Kingdom, and many fundamental and rare consultations and information to make the investment in this sector a success by all standards.