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Feasibility Study

Feasibility study can be considered as the most important stage in the preparation of a project. Building on it, the project can start or be abandoned. it is the starting point that aims to gather the necessary data for the proposed project and analyzing them to come out with data on the feasibility of the project , and reduce the risk and the size of the expected profit, and without feasibility do not study we cannot say for the successor no matter what profits have emerged.
Projects feasibility study within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need the experiences the country’s people who are aware of the entrances and exits of the economy, the encouraging elements and potential risks at the local, regional and international levels. Investing in Saudi Arabia carries a privacy that makes it difficult to understand for the non-residents.

And here comes our role in the preparation of feasibility study at the hands of our experts who know the affairs of the Saudi economy, where we work to complete the technical documents containing the essential elements of the study:

– Marketing feasibility study
– Technical feasibility study
– Financial feasibility study
– Economic Feasibility Study
– Social feasibility study
– Environmental feasibility study
– Project risks and incentives analysis
We work on writing a detailed report that gives the client an overview over the project, leaving the final decision to them to start their economic activity or vice versa.