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Exhibition and Conference

In line with the rapid dynamism known by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy, and as a promotion to the concept of openness and transparency in economic transactions, conferences and exhibitions have become an essential part of the development process in the Kingdom, this sector is of great importance in a country that knows a profound transformations in the economic fabric level away from oil revenues and its related products.

For us at the National Investment House, we consider the exhibitions and conferences sector a specialization that distinguishes us from the rest of the competitors. We rely on these types of activities as a vital communication tool that allows linking relationships with various economic process components, and a platform for the establishment of several investment projects by local or international actors.

We are proud of our good relations with our partners in the major hotels, conference centers and exhibitions, who provide us with the best conditions to hold our meetings in accordance with the international standards for quality, and we are proud of our working teams that ensure the creation of all the conditions to so that our conferences and exhibitions come out with satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved, and achieve its strategic goals.