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Evacuation responsibility

National investment house Foundation established at your disposal for privacy policy, which includes our commitment to protect you own data according to the laws, on the other hand we notify our customers and visitors to the esteemed institution does not bear the responsibility for a range of uses that will be found on this page.
The National Investment House Foundation offers via its many information, explicitly or implicitly, that come from third parties dealing with the institution, and may include external links refer to other sites, and in this context, give the organization claimed responsibility for any wrong use of these links, and can not the intervention in its policy to protect the privacy of any information provided to these parties.

This site in any way cannot include a call for investment with other companies, or contracts or the purchase of shares or products, and the customer bears or visiting his own responsibility in making any investment decision outside the institution.

What is contained in the pages of this site is based on the legal data and technical pots, and any change in this aspect will be referred to within a privacy page, and cannot be from this point of dealing with the national investment house foundation on the basis of previous data, in contrast, you should review the privacy policy before making a deal with the institution.

Enterprise does not assume responsibility for the health of any information published on this website for other institutions or bodies, but published as presented to them by these parties.