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Saudi Arabia, a country of science and scientists, as one of the countries with the least illiteracy in the Arab region thanks to the wise policies in the fight against illiteracy and the spread of education and the building of schools, and pursue an effective policy to capitalize on what we have reached the advanced countries in the scientific field.

Saudi Arabia’s vision for the year 2030 made education at the heart of its concerns, and identified a clear goal reflected in obtaining advanced classification among the best universities in the world, and she called to the provision of education is able to build personal Saudi citizen and provide the basic functions of the future knowledge. Education and good early-compatible programs with market needs , keys are necessary to achieve the vision and aspirations of the Kingdom’s future.

Private education became properties pivotal role in the field of education, and began its efficiency in reducing the burden of the state in this sector shows, and with the new vision will become of the properties of a more active role by opening investment doors and encourage innovation, competition and remove all the obstacles that limit the private sector’s involvement in the field of education.

Wishing to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have benefit abandoning the state for a range of services in the education sector for the benefit of the private sector, and its transformation from a provider of educational services to the entrepreneur and observer to her, also will benefit from the intention of the Kingdom allocation of critical locations in cities for schools, universities and vocational training centers.
The education sector is a real opportunity for all investors to launch a real investment projects, able to achieve major gains on the material and moral levels.