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Agricultural Investment

The agricultural sector is a priority for Saudi Arabia, which is working to provide good levels of basic foodstuffs in the market at appropriate prices to all segments of society. The state supports this sector through important budgets out of its commitments to provide a better-off life for all residents on its territory, and that makes it a key partner in any investing agricultural activity, as the first customer for the companies.

Vast areas of deserts have always been, in Saudi Arabia, among the obstacles that prevent the start of genuine agricultural investments. Today, the view has changed for these data, and introduced many solutions to overcome these natural obstacles through the reclamation of agricultural land and the implementation of major irrigation projects via the use of the latest technologies used globally.

The government of Saudi Arabia considers the private sector a key and permanent partner in this area. Here it comes our turn, at the National investment House, to offer our services to investors from around the world, through the guidance of the most successful agricultural projects in the kingdom, whether in agriculture or livestock, and to provide consulting regarding legal frameworks and technical data, in addition to a variety of services to help the success of the investment in this vital sector.